Join the Hugo’s Cheer Zone – You Could be a Winner!

Not a runner but want to participate in the Grand Forks Marathon? Wondering what to do to kill some time while the race is going through your neighborhood? You need a CHEER ZONE! Setting up a cheer zone is a great way to spend some time, it’s super fun and very rewarding. You’ll be inspired by all the runners giving it their best on race day, and they’ll really appreciate you too.

A cheer zone is easy and fun, all you need is some time, an idea, and maybe some family or friends to help. Here are some ideas to get you jump started:

  • Make it a lawn party
  • Play music
  • Wear fun costumes
  • Create funny or encouraging signs
  • One word, cowbell…
  • Make noise and offer encouraging words
  • Hand out nutrition like oranges, bananas or strawberries
  • If it’s hot out, pull out the hose and offer to spray the runners down

As if you needed more reasons to participate, we’re also having not one, but TWO chances to win a Hugo’s gift card! That’s right, you have the chance to win a $250 or a $100 Hugo’s gift card for the Judges Pick or the People’s Choice winner. Follow these three easy steps to get your cheer zone started. Good luck, and thanks for participating and making the Grand Forks Marathon the best it can be.

Step 1.

Complete the form here.

Step 2.

Set up your cheer zone on the course Saturday, September 29th.

Step 3.

Cheer your heart out for a chance to win!

So grab your cowbells and invite some family and friends for a cheer-filled opportunity to help people reach their goals! You might be what makes the race memorable for them, and you may just be the help they need to get one more mile!